Project Description

Kruger National Park

This is the largest national park in the world, it is bigger than the country Wales, it combines three countries to its formation, our motive to this tour is tour give everyone  a chance to see the big five in this magnificent area, therefore we cater for all and we provide with the following tours

  • Kruger same day drive:  this tour is for those who don’t have time but eager to see Kruger national park, if you are booked around Johannesburg times for pick up are arranged and we leave as early as 4am to the park, one game drive is offered and no accommodation costs required, spent the day with animals and then head back to Johannesburg,
  • Kruger overnight drive: a 4* hotel is booked just at the edge of the park, one game drive in the park and have the opportunity to see all the big five. One night and one day is spent at the park and full Game drive is provided.
  • Kruger three nights four days: here it is for those who want to have good memories of the park and extend their chances of seeing all the big five, the tour covers, the panorama route, elephant sanctuary and three game drives, accommodation just by the edge of the park is provided and the prices includes accommodation.